Hanna Laura Kaljo (b.1989 in Tallinn, Estonia) is a curator based in London. Between 2014-18, she was Co-Director at the curatorial studio Jupiter Woods, where she produced numerous exhibitions, discursive events, residencies and off-site projects. She holds an MFA in Curating from Goldsmiths College and her research interest has been the role of curating in navigating the challenges posed by the ecological crisis.


Drawing from psychoanalytic theory, creative therapy and sustainability studies, she works closely with artistic practitioners towards projects that point to the reciprocity between the psychological and the environmental as ultimately sustaining our healthful, earthly dwelling.


Her visit to Northern Sustainable Futures has been an occasion to get acquainted with Moskosel as well as the wider Norrbottens region, and begin to engage with the question of how one can work in response to and from within this place of nature, while focusing on one's sensorial experience.


She will work towards a long-term research project and programme of events involving local participants, international creative practitioners and partnerships with other Nordic and Arctic organisations to explore the psychological and somatic challenges of being situated in this particular locality and how identity is informed and shaped by the sites where we live and work.
Hanna Laura Kaljo



Photo: Jerry Magnumfotografen Porsbjer

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