I am interested in exploring and activating hybrid platforms of artistic production, experimentation and presentation that differ from official ones, attempting a re-arrangement of hierarchies and established formats.


In 2014 I co-founded Jupiter Woods: an exhibition space, residency programme and studio facility located in South Bermondsey, London, devoted to supporting the development of curatorial and artistic research. Here I have been initiating artists’ residencies, exhibitions and long-term projects, collectively and individually ; both in- and off-site over the years we have formed collaborations with a range of organisations such as: Sorbus (Helsinki), Interstate Projects (New York), Rupert (Vilnius), Radical Reading (Athens), amongst many others.


Jupiter Woods has been working as an important platform providing the artists, emerging and more established, with opportunities to test out alternative approaches to their practice, whilst we have been exploring feminist modes of organising, of working, of collaborating; setting up support structures both for our own survival and that of our peers.


For Northern Sustainable Futures while on residence with support from Swedish Lapland AIR, I am looking at engaging my practice with Jupiter Woods into facilitating further exchange and dialogue across borders, favouring a meeting of disciplines between different localities and in dialogue with the natural and cultural landscape of Lapland.


Looking at notions of belonging and mobility, Centre and Periphery, as well as facilitating interconnectivity, bonding and coalitions across networks, I am indeed interested in cultivating opportunities for different practices to respond to this particular context whilst reflecting on the validity of active engagement with the area that is both personal and collective. A peripheral location is explored in its role of facilitating research, development, and production in a balance between remoteness and proximity, international exchange and dialogue with the immediate surroundings; as well as its ability to weave novel connections to the centre.



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