1 SEP 
Local artists and handcraft makers together with international artists from this summers residencies will exhibit their work in this opening.  
A rare view of selected pieces from Arvidsjaur municipality Art collection will be shown, together with members from Art & craft associations in Arvidsjaur. 
More information coming soon.
A calendar looks best when it is filled with exciting things! That is why we strive to always have something going on, from art exhibitions and performances to workshops and conferences. The aim is for everyone to have easy access to culture and creativity. We collaborate with both local and international associations, artists and entrepreneurs in order to connect the local to the global.
More information coming soon.
Find out more about the individual artists and creators of this project, as well as those participating and present artists in residence. Would you like to be a part of the core team of Moskosel Creative Lab, or collaborate with us? We would love to hear from you, the countryside rocks!
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