Linda Remahl

Danceartist in the Swedish north. Exploring movement and installations, community and performance projects. Developing a creative meeting place with working studios & accommodation in Arvidsjaur. 

Blog from the past:



Working in inland Norrbotten and exploring my own movement work.  Collaborating with other artists, running community projects and developing a creative space, Moskosel Creative Lab. 


Born and raised in Gothenburg, lived 17 years in England (London and Brighton), graduated 2002 with a BA (Hons) Degree from London Contemporary Dance School. I am living in Arvidsjaur since 2015. 


I have a great interest in exploring movement and video editing as a choreographic tool.  And how to display the work in different installation approaches.


My works have been shown in various places from theatres, site-specific locations and galleries. Currently I am developing works at Moskosel Creative Lab.


As a dancer or performer I have worked with, amongst others, Belgian choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui in his collaboration with filmmaker Joe Wright in cinema film Anna Karenina, touring for Spanish born choreographer Eva Recacha and the UK based Marie Gabrielle Rotie and well as performing with The Karavan Ensemble (UK). 


I am also a co-funder of Northern Sustainable Futures, a creative team developing a meeting place in nature in Arvidsjaur called Moskosel Creative Lab. With accommodation and working studios and performance possibilities. It is also where I have my base.