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Moskosel Creative Park

MoskoselCreativePark has the core mission to develop sustainable cultural opportunities for artists, creators and audiences in the village of Moskosel in inland rural northern Sweden, that have ripple and attractive effects throughout the region, and at the national and international level - A real synergy between art, nature and innovation as the sustainable path for regional development. The association has the purpose of pursuing sustainable non-profit activities in terms of creating new places, opportunities and events that are accessible and open to the public. as well as a special goal to develop new skills and knowledge exchange for people and growth for the local area of Moskosel.

Our vision is to provide the necessary environment for artists to develop their creative activities. Our work is guided and recognised as dynamic, innovative & inclusive, being in constant evolution, striving for creative thinking & connecting polarities. The association is aimed at people of all ages, regardless of background. The association will be active work to counter all forms of discrimination.

A reminder about the weekends 

Partnerships & Sponsorship:




Bolagsform : Ideella föreningar

F-Skatt: Uppgift saknas

Moms: Uppgift saknas

Registreringsår: 2018

Utdelningsadress: SKOLGATAN 24

Ort: 930 86 Moskosel

Län: Norrbottens län


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