My mission during this visit to NSF with the support of Swedish Lapland AIR would be two-fold. On the one hand, I will help the team come up with ideas for potential uses of the different spaces and propose facilities that would be attractive both for prospective residents and locals alike. These ideas would be fitting within the given framework and mission of Lapland AIR and sensitive to the land and its surroundings.


For this I will draw from my experience working in projects such as Inland/Campo Adentro that works bridging the contexts of Contemporary Art and "the rural" and also from residencies in diverse organisations based in the countryside such as Nicola Lenivets (Russia) The Headlands (USA) or the Botín foundation (Spain)


On the other, I will propose an artistic project for its realization at a later date that brings together local crafts, craftspeople and local resources. The initial ideas revolve around the sauna as a space for conviviality, wellbeing and the sharing of experiences.


Saunas are places of complex social rituals and rich in material culture that could bring together many practices and resources of the land. Of special interest to me are the design and build of the sauna itself, local textile crafts for the production of towels, hats, gowns and other accessories; and the foraging and/or cultivation of herbs and other plants to be used as restoratives teas and aromatic concoctions.


For this, I will bring my previous experience in designing and running a public sauna and art space for Matadero, a contemporary art institution in Madrid, as well my work in food and fermentation. For both of these intentions, a series of eld and site visits would be undertaken during these first two weeks. These would include landscapes, craft people, timber yards, saunas.


Photo: Jerry Magnumfotografen Porsbjer

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