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About Us


Residencies @ Moskosel Creative Lab - North of Sweden - Europe

We are proud to be able to offer artists (and family) a location where art, people, and nature connect to each other.

Moskosel Creative Lab is more than just a residency program, it is a home for artists. Built and run by artists for artists, our focus is solely on the development of art, culture and people.


We do not operate like a traditional institution as we believe in the power of sharing and collaboration.

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Our Residencies Options:

Our residency program offers two options for artists:

1.. to develop your own project/research/skills, we have an open dialogue about residency costs which can range from 450 SEK per night to 1500 SEK (mainly to cover operational costs) depending on budget and the possibility of exchange.

2.. to be part of a project we are developing with free accommodation and studio space, or


At Moskosel Creative Lab, we strive to be a creative home for artists in North Europe, Sweden. We invite artists to make this their home for creativity, studio and residency.


Contact us to see how we can make your creative journey better, because a better experience for you means a better experience for other artists and for us.


Our Studios & Accommodation:

At Moskosel Creative Lab, we believe that art and creativity have the power to bring people together and create a vibrant community. That's why we started with the re-opening of a closed village school with 37000m2, transforming it into a hub of artistic expression and innovation. We renovated the space to include over 20 studios, a sauna, and a full-size gym, making it the perfect place for artists to come together and create.

In addition to the main building, we are also engaging with other older and closed down houses throughout the village, following a sustainable model. Our approach is that art and creativity are not limited to one place, but rather can be found and expressed in many different ways. That's why we are also building 13 tiny homes, each of which has been renovated and designed by artists, providing a unique and inspiring space for other artists and visitors to stay - at the lab,  at the tiny homes, or at homes throughout the village of Moskosel.

Our goal is for Moskosel to become a silicon valley for art and creativity, where everyone involved benefits from the collective energy and strength of the community. By bringing artists together from all over the world, we hope to create a thriving and vibrant environment where creativity and innovation can flourish.

Our Friends in making it happen:

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