Weaving creative ecologies

Sustainability involves practicing a novel understanding of the human place in the world. An understanding rooted in the what we have inherited from the past, our heritage and ways of doing embedded in the present context.


Traditional modes of production and cultural heritage are not expressions fixated in an image of the past. On the contrary, they are ingrained in a dynamic oscillation between continuity and change, constantly re-interpreted and recreated in the present by local actors and practices.


The global economic and environmental crises, entwined with social inequalities and challenges, forces us to embark on a process of change emerging from the creative re-combination of existing resources and practices. A multidisciplinary approach is key in this important journey. Culture has an inherent capacity to translate this process into a common language, interweaving the ecological, the social and the economic within a sustainable framework of development.


At NSF we incite to look and reframe the way we operate and correlate with where we are, triggering collaborative interventions situated in the local and global context through a diversity of practices and disciplines that can open meaningful connections and routes to make sense for sustainable futures

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