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Culture & Creativity have scientifically proven positive impacts on our health, wellbeing, and social development

let's create and grow together

we are a team of creative individuals from different backgrounds with a clear vision to develop realities that have meaningful positive impacts on our lives.

we manage cultural and creative activities, offer accommodations and working spaces.


what we do


live & create

In the rural village of Moskosel, north Sweden, a place that merges art, nature & living accommodations to provide an inspirational experience.

With 13x wooden living cabins, a large building with 20+ studios, a full-size gymnasium (800m2) for performances or sports & a large forestry area connected to a lake,

offers you the base to create your own undiscoverable possibilities.


the I in Innovation

Instigate a creative and critical mindset, where Humans do not have to be more technological savvy, but technology needs to be more Humane.

Create new solutions for our future.

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Summer Activities for Youth coming soon


Wooden Cabins & building renovations | work continues


First brushstroke of The Golden Dance Studio | Jenny


A new team member is joining NSF

| Welcome Theresa!

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